Beyonce's Weight Loss Diet

beyonce knowles great curvesMost of you, right now, might be thinking "How do I get the curves like Beyonce Knowles?" Yes that sounds a bit tricky!
But my answer to this would be "Correct diet and regular exercise"
Yes "Eating healthy is the key to get success" (see more on Weight Loss Diet).
Beyonce Knowles Diet
Wbeyonce knowles weight loss dietell the very familiar Lemon Detox Diet (aka Maple Syrup Diet) also popularly known as the "Master Cleanse Diet" is the key to her weight loss success. She once said, "I lived on water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 14 days", referring to her weight loss of 22 pounds in just 2 weeks for her new film Dreamgirls. So friends if you wanna lose weight in a short time period, then Beyonce's lemonmade diet is in the market and it's one of the quickest and best way.
So what exactly does the Beyonce Knowles diet ("The Master Cleanse Diet") contain?
Well the diet is a mixture of fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, tea, and other laxative products which detoxify the system. Actually the diet was first introduced as a way to flush out all those harmful toxins and unwanted impurities that our body carries inside. But as the time have progressed, people, especially models and celebs have considered the diet as a "Diet for Weight Loss Program". beyonce knowles master cleanse dietIn an article she wrote for a popular magazine that Yes it was very difficult to carry out such a strict diet, mostly liquids, but the ending results were well worth it. This should boost you guys out there!
What's your opinion to this Diet?

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javieth said...

I liked this blog specially because i love to know about diet or exercises because i am trying to be in shape. I wish to complete my exercises program and get the better result, lose weight and be beautiful for conquer a boy.

Anonymous said...

That's just the best way to gain more weight. Losing weight is about self discipline and exercising, and a lot of care and attention to what you eat/drink/smoke/sex up, etc.

A miracle tea might make you lose weight dramatically for immediate effect, but it is NOT sustainable. You will get back to your bad eating habits soon.

I also need to mention, body fat is NOT toxins! Product designed to help you get rid of toxins are not necessarily making you lose weight in reality.

That's all the star system for you: every thing quick now for the photoshoots, then sell the wrong image and give the wrong health advice...

I recently became a vegetarian (not eating meat, but eating fish and eggs), and my family was deadpanned at this announcement. What they didn't know was that it was process that took me the last Two years.

I first stopped eating ready made cakes (way too sweet they were) and drinking any types of fizzy drinks, then I shaved off red meat of my diet within a year. I replaced this with having a lot of nuts and seeds instead, combined with a strong consumption of vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, corn, peas, green beans, tomatoes, mushrooms). A year later I got rid of the chicken, as I felt the quality of supermarket food has seriously gone down since the crunch.
Simultaneously, I was also doing more intensive indian dance and yoga based exercises.

I have no idea if I lost weight or not (I haven't got a balance at home and I don't bother), but I just FEEL right in my clothes, and I do look shaped up in the mirror and very toned for an average-height african lady. Although my original objective was to tone up, I find myself having completely changed lifestyle without even noticing it.

More education on biology, less of this pointless celebrity advice seeking!

Ps: For information, weight has nothing to do with body shape. Beyoncé has strong/thick wide shoulder wide hip body structure (common for african descent people), but I suspect she is corseting herself in waist cinchers/body shapers for the sake of wearing that green dress too. So, please don't think her body fat is all in perfect place as on the picture.. :p

Smith Alan said...

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