Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

Breast Augmentation involves surgical placement of Saline Implants in a submuscular space to enhance breast size and shape. I prefer to place saline breast implants beneath the pectoralis muscles in most cases to limit implant edge visibility, and the tendency to show visible wrinkling of the breast implant if it is closer to the skin surface. Further, placement beneath the muscle moves the implants to a position where there is minimal interference with future mammography and breast diagnostics. I usually accomplish sub-muscular placement of breast implants via the axillary (arm-pit) approach, thus avoiding the potential for heavy scarring on the breasts, and further, limiting the potential for injury to nerves to the skin and nipples. This approach provides a very natural contour, while allowing a substantial breast size increase and an earlier return to activity with no breast incision to protect. Apart from just achieving enlargement of the breasts, Breast Augmentation Mammaplasty can also be used to adjust the shape, size and volume of uneven sized breasts (asymmetry), and as an adjunct to correct certain breast deformity or deformities, as well as to facilitate reconstruction of the breast after mastectomy.

Case 1 : Six month result Transaxillary Sub - pectoral Augmentation Mammaplasty with 375cc smooth saline implants in a 33 year old woman with chest wall and breast size asymmetry. This achieved large "C" to "D" cup size with no visible scars.
breast augmentation case 1

Age: 33 Ht: 5'7" Wt: 130 lbs. Implants: Mentor Type: Smooth Saline Volume: 375cc Size: 36C/D

Case 2 : At right are pre-op and 6 week post-op photos of a 24 year old woman with slight asymmetry. At six weeks, there is still some early fullness of the upper breast which will fade with time, as the skin and muscle stretches, and the implants settle into position. Implant volumes of 350cc right, and 325cc left were used to improve volume symmetry. The next photos below show this patient's axillary scars.

breast augmentation case 2

Age: 24 Ht: 5'5" Wt: 125 lbs. Implants: Mentor Type: Smooth Saline Volume: 325/350cc Size: 34D

Trans-Axillary Breast Augmentation

Trans - Axillary Breast Augmentation. Right and left axillary views at 6wks show almost complete disappearance of the scars in the natural folds beneath the arms.

Case 3 : 31-year old woman 3 months after Trans-axillary Breast Augmentation. A "D" cup size was achieved with 425 cc saline breast implants. This patient's axillary incision scars are shown at the top of the next page.

breast augmentation case 3

Age: 31 Ht: 5'4" Wt: 120 lbs Implants: Mentor Type: Smooth Saline Volume: 425cc Size: 34D

Case 4 : Results at 7 years after Trans-axillary breast augmentation in a 19 year old woman shows stability of the sub-muscular result with none of the long-term sag which tends to occur with implants above the muscle.

breast augmentation case 4

Age : 19 (at surgery) Ht : 5'6" Wt : 125 lbs Implants : Mentor Type : Textured Silicone Volume : 350cc Size : 34C

before after picture of same patient after 7 years

Before and after (7 yr) views of the same patient as well as a view of the axillary scar at 7 years (hidden in a fold)

picture of same patient after 12 years

The same patient seen at 12.5 years after trans-ax augmentation, at age 31 and after a recent pregnancy, shows the stability of the augmentation result using the trans-axillary technique.

Case 5 : Six week post-op Augmentation result in a 43 year old woman with loss of volume after 2 pregnancies. Implants are 375cc smooth saline -filled placed via the Trans-axillary sub-muscular mammaplasty technique.

breast augmentation cas 5

Age: 43 Ht: 5'3 Wt: 123 lbs Implants: Mentor Type: Smooth Saline Volume: 375cc Size: 34D


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