Six Best Exercises To Lose Weight

Six Best Exercises To Lose Weight :
1. Plyometrics : Pylometrics, commonly known as "Plyos" is specially designed exercise training that combines strength, agility and speed, hence producing fast and powerful movements. Plyometrics increase the magnitude of force of our muscular contractions, thus it is useful for sports like football, basketball, track, tennis, and martial arts too.

plyometric exercise Most of the common plyometric exercises include hops, jumps and bounding movements. One popular plyometric exercise is jumping off a box and rebounding off the floor and onto another, higher box. These exercises involves high intensity and increase your power and strength.
Many people refer plymetrics as "vertical jumping". vertical jumping or plyometricsA lot of calories gets burned while doing Plyometric exercises.

2. Squats: Squat is a exercise through which you can train primarily the muscles of your thighs, hips and buttocks. squatSecondarily, it strengthens the bones, stretches the ligaments and tendons throughout the lower body.

bosu squatSquat mainly works out the large and heaviest muscles of the legs, thus improving our stability, mobility and empowering our movements.jump squatAlso Squat increases the amount of energy that your body consumes, and plus you get to shape your buttocks and thighs too.

3. Cardio Kickbox: It's a cardiovascular or aerobic exercise that combines elements of boxing, karate/martial arts, and other aerobics thus providing overall physical toning of your body. cardio kickboxingAccording to a study conducted by the ACE, 350 to 500 calories can be burned off through kickboxing!! So, get out there and kick your way to fitness.

4. Yoga: Yoga without any doubt is the better way to ensure your health and fitness. lady doing yogaThrough Pranayams (breathing exercises), you may reduce your stress level (see more on weight loss and stress management). pranayamYoga is full of benefits and has no side-effects too. It makes you fit and look good.

5. Pilates: Pilates is a controlled physical fitness procedure that helps to increase the strength,
endurance, and flexibility of your muscles. pilatesFurthermore, it also increases the blood circulation on your body ultimately improving the body's "core" or "powerhouse" (torso). An improved core gives you stronger and fitter body.

6. Swimming: Swimming could be as effective as most of the exercises. It's very common and helps you lose weight by improving your muscle tones and cardiovascular health. swimming

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Pylometrics, commonly known as "Plyos" is specially designed exercise training that combines strength, agility and speed, hence producing fast and powerful movements.