Jump Rope Workout

Jjump ropeumping rope is a great cardiovascular exercise (or "cardio") that not olny strengthens the heart and lungs but also enhances the continuous and rhythmic movement of large muscle groups. Cardio also improves our cardiovascular system's ability to deliver oxygen to the body.
Jumping rope is a great form of aerobic exercise that is easy to do and much fun as well. It mainly targets your muscles, especially calves, thighs, and buttocks and help your fitness coordination and agility. It can be practised at home and is not so expensive but most importantly it can burn off calories that best help you to lose weight. Also the skipping rope is portable, which could be a real help in case the gym centres aren't available. But let me say that Jumping rope "normally" will not help you that much as you are thinking of right now. Here are some of the few tips that can guide you in your weight loss journey:

1. First you should know what you are doing. So you should be menatlly as well as physically fit. Think before you start the jump.
2. Secondly wear loose clothes and comfortable shoes. Keep your shoulders reljump rope workoutaxed and your upper arms close to your body. Don't use your arms, but use your wrists to turn the rope (like in cricket, the batsman used to hit the ball by wrists) and try to keep them as low as possible to minimize the strain when landing on the ground. Also keep your back straight as possible as you can and your stomach pulled in.
3. It would be a lot better if you begin by grasping the handles in hands tightly and relaxing the middle of the rope at your ankles (legs), with both the hands at your sides.
4. Then the next thing you should do is swing the rope over your head in a forwardly directed motion, keeping your feet together jump over the rope. Jump as much as you can and rest for a while. You can increase your speed level to maximum if you do this more constantly. This will also make you feel more comfortable.
5. If you do this jumping workout regularly then it's sure that your fitness level will increase. Now you can also have some variations while you are jumping, like for example, hopping on one foot, and then the other one.
6. Don't jump too high. If you do so then your feet might be quite high from the ground which increases your chances of getting strain when landing on the ground. Besides you will be jumping for a longer time if you keep your feet in close contact with the ground.
Lastly I wan't to say that jumping workout is a very effective tool for weight loss. 15 minutes everyday is good, but if you want to lose weight quickly, then add some running and cycling to your routine.