Walking Weight Loss

Yes, Walking can be as good as running. Walking can be a part of a good weight loss program (see more on Weight Loss Program). Walking can be gr8 way to incorporate exercise in your daily life. All you need is a pair of comfortable sport shoes. You can walk alone, with family or friends and you can make your walking a fun by listening to some good music that you like. Now saying that let's now see why you should walk and make it a part of your exercise program.
Walking regularly can help you in

  • Burning Calories (energy)
  • Losing Weight
  • Reducing blood cholesterol
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Increasing fitness
  • Boosting bone strength
Now what more do you want?
Now for the beginners, walking is often the best exercise to get started on because:
a. It is much easy to do.
b. It can be practiced anywhere at any time.
c. No need of special equipment or health expertise to get started.
d. Progress is easy to plan and measure over time.
e. It doesn't cost you that much.
f. You can find many people like you trying to lose weight, so it will be kinda motivation for you.
g. Even a little effort can knock out some extra bit of pounds giving you beneficial results.

Walking Weight Loss Technique
You can enhance your weight loss results through walking if you pay attention to your posture while walking. Following these simple steps, I bet you can improve your results:
1. Stand tall with your eyes looking straight forward, keeping your chin parallel to the ground and your shoulders back and straight and your abdominal muscles tucked in.
2. The head should be level straight. If the head is tilted forward then excess strain hits the neck and shoulders leading to undue fatigue. If you need to watch your step closely then lower your eyes, not your whole head.
3. Your arms should swing naturally and should bent at an angle 90 degree with elbow, not drawn up towards the ears. Allow your arms to pump back and forth (like tuning fork:-) along with your stride. Bending the arms can also help you to burn 5-10% more calories. Additionally, keeping the arms bent can immediately help you to pick up your pace for longer periods of time.
4. Keep focussing on taking natural steps and try to aim for speed in your stride rather than length.
5. Speed and efficiency in walking are generated by hip flexibility. If you can increase your hip flexibility, you will naturally develop a slightly longer stride.
6. Roll through your foot with each step, placing your heel down first and pushing off with the ball of your foot.
Thomas Jefferson once said "The sovereign invigorator of the body is exercise, and of all the exercises walking is the best."