Lindsay Lohan Weight Loss

"Attention seeker", "Walking Stick". Many people say that. Look at this picture of hers. She looks awful than ever! Pile some pounds back on, please!!! lindsay lohan skinnyLindsay Lohan, who has battled with her weight in the past, insists that her busy work routine is the real cause for her drastic weight loss. I mean Commnon man, what's the matter with these people wanting to look like skeletons? I can't understand! lindsay lohan before afterNow look at this picture of Lohan posing as Marilyn Monroe for New York magazine.

lindsay lohan posing as marilyn monroeHourglass curves: Lohan posing as Marilyn Monroe for New York magazine
I personally dislike this photo. Marilyn is like angel from heaven, Lindsay on the other hand is "Oh crap!"
Lindsay has potential to be a very pretty girl, but she has to work hard, real hard. She has become so skinny that even if she gains, say 20 lbs, she would still look skinny, but more healthier than before.

Lohan in 2004 at the MTV Movie AwardsLohan flaunting her curves in 2006But the sad part is she's probably unaware of the fact that she looks awful. I think she's lost somewhere in her mind. There’s no doubt that she needs serious psychiatric help!!! lindsay lohan and nicole richieRead this similar article on Nicole Richie Weight Loss


Anonymous said...

The second dress in the first photo of this article is sooo deliberate. No wonder why they call her a "attention seeker". She is showing her side boob in that dress! Why wear a dress like that? Ho!!!
And what message is she tryin to give out to this young generation? She is a real mess!!!