Weight Loss Exercise

In my earlier days, I used to be a one hell of a lousy girl sleeping all day long and my weight loss exercisemama used to tell me "Get your ass off the bed and ready for exercise" and she kept yelling at me. The funny thing was that I always had to start the conversations about exercise with "I can't do that because....". But now I have realized what my mama used to tell me. So I want to notify all of you that losing lousiness is the first, but important step in losing weight. I want to clearify you all that "The more regularly you exercise the more you lose weight and vice versa." You might say with proper diet and weight loss program, you can lose weight easily. But exercise can give you better result. So why not exercise? Besides exercise is one very important part of weight loss program (see more on Weight Loss Program).

Exercise can be both heavy and light. Light exercise is always better for those who had never exercise for their whole entire life. Taking that first step might be difficult but with necessary motivation and courage to tackle the challenges you could easily lose weight and manage it (see more on Weight Loss Management).
Now Why exercise?
The answer is simple, "to lose weight"
But How exercise help in losing weight?
Well, Exercise can help you in two different ways:
1. By increasing your metabolism:
Metabolism is the natural process of burning calorie. It even occurs while you are sleeping. So if you can increase your metabolic rate then you can surely lose some extra pounds. By exercising the metabolic rate can be higher which can help to burn off those extra calories and help weight loss.

2. By increasing the muscle strength:
By Exercising one can gain more muscle and increase the muscle strength. Now you might wonder what is the relation between muscle and weight loss. Well I have developed a relation between them which is like:
Yeah!!! More muscle implies higher rate of metabolism and more number of calories burned. So the more you regularly exercise the more will be your metabolic rate and calorie burning process will be faster. So the theme of exercise will be "GET MORE MUSCLE". Thus we can say that building muscle is one of the basic foundation for losing weight and staying lean.

So far we have come to know that losing weight is nothing but burning more calories than we consume throughout the day. We now also know that this can be achieved by exercising. But yet people find it difficult. Most often people don't know that what type of exercise program is the best for losing weight. At this point of time, you should consult to your health care team or physical trainer. They can help you to burn fat and decrease calories but still consuming the foods you enjoy. They can motivate you by providing you the right direction and new strategies.
exercise to lose weightFrom the above discussion we can now conclude that, one of the best ways to upgrade your metabolic rate and at the same time gain more muscle, thus helping to lose weight is to do more and more exercise. Do more exercise regularly and consistently with the proper motivation from your trainer and I can guarantee you that at last your hard work will surely make you look lean and healthy by losing that extra pounds of weight.


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