Protein Weight Loss

A typical fat loss diet contains moderate amounts of fats, carbohydrates and large amounts of protein (see more on Weight Loss Diet). Protein helps to build and repair muscle, and it also helps to increase your metabolism and strenghten your immune system.To promote maximum muscle growth and repair, you should try to eat at least 1gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Lean meats, egg whites, whey protein and soy protein isolate are some of the good sources of protein. protein weight lossNow I want to recommend you by starting with a diet that contains about 40% protein. Many of you here may worry that this amount of protein is too much or harmful. However, since everyone is different (size, weight, metabolism, physical stresses, lifestyle, etc.) it is almost impossible to have a standard number. I believe that any amount double (2x) your bodyweight is too much. But that's my opinion. If you don't agree to it, then better ask your physician or health care team about this. They can always give you the right strategy that can guide you throughout your journey for weight loss.
So Eat more protein, build more muscle and increase your metabolism and finally lose weight.


Matthew Perry said...

Hi Christy,

thanks for this informative article. Certainly, 40% is not too much protein for most people who exercise and want to become leaner.