Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Gone Wrong

Despite its immense popularity, there are many cases where tummy tuck has gone wrong. Here are some cases that I've found on the internet.

Case 1.
It's almost three weeks since I have my tummy tuck and liposuction along with a breast augmentation the recovery for the bust augmentation It was okay, but, the recovery for the tummy tuck it was a different story, the first two weeks it was so painful, that my husband had to take care of me the whole first week day and night, "thanks god" that he is retired from his job, other way he can be kind of sleepy on his job. the second week I have to managed to take care of myself, because he was tired of me, ringing the bell every time I have to go to the bathroom and not to be able to move my body... you see every single movement It was a pain even do I was taking the medications. to me It was something that has to be done, with my body, and for almost two years I was saving money for the tummy tuck operation. I was so disgusted every time I see myself in the mirror with the tummy. that I decided to go ahead with the surgery and I think the it was worthy all the pain, and money I spend. I did that, after finding the right pl, with his credentials, because after all is your life and health you putting in risk, after several consultations with some others doctors finally I found my Dr. thank-you Dr.Efrain Gonzalez for been so patient with me "you are the best surgeon".

Case 2.
I paid for a tummy tuck and it went terribly wrong.I was left with a 6 by 7 and a half inch hole in my stonache.The doctor that preformed the surgery then passed me off to another doctor without explanation.This has been going on for over 4 months and i'm still not closed up yet.I'd like to sue or at least get my money back.

Case 3.
I had a tummy tuck close to seven months ago. As soon as I had the surgery it did not result in what the doctor had said it should be. He has caused my stomach to look abnormal and disfigured. I have keloid scars and the incision is very high. I know that this forum is for people who have been injured through negligence by their physicians, and I have not been injured, but I have been disfigured. I have consulted with other physicians who said I need to have a new tummy tuck surgery. This is so unfair, I spent thousands of dollars on this, went down for recovery time which was extremely painful, and now I need to pay more money to get this fixed. I do not trust the physician who by the way is a board certified plastic surgeon, to do a revision on me since he keeps on contradicting himself whenever I ask him about this problem he caused. He will not compensate me for my loss, and wants to perform the surgery again, but I refused.Do I have a legal case? I live in Illinois, but had the surgery done in Munster, Indiana because it costs less. Does anyone out there know if I am able to receive compensation for this major problem I'm going through?I have asked three law firms so far, and noone will take on this type of case since I am not injured. Please give me some advice if you know of any.

One of the Certified Surgeons explains the risks of having a Tummy Tuck like this :

All surgery has some potential risks, including the risks of bleeding, reaction to the anesthetic, and infection. Scars are to be expected, but they will become lighter and flatter with time. Smoking may increase the risk of complications and delay healing. This could result in larger scars, and a second surgery. You can reduce your risk of complications by closely following your surgeon's instructions before and after the surgery, especially with regard to when and how to resume physical activity.

So, folks do a research about it or you may want to consult with your doctor before you do the abdominoplasty. (PS : any comments on this post will be highly appreciated)

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Looking good and feeling good is a choice. Undergoing invasive procedures like abdominoplasty can help boost ones confidence as long as it's done only by credible professionals.

Beverly Hills Tummy Tuck Surgeon said...

I'm happy that this didn't happen to me. I had a tummy tuck surgery in Beverly Hills last year and everything went just fine.

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Great Informative…! Nice pictures I agree and looking all pictures its really so awful plastic surgery.Thanks for the great stuff.