Weight loss Diet

We know that weight loss means gaining muscle and losing fat or burninhealthy weight loss dietg calories (see more on Weight Loss). One of the way you can achieve this is by eating correctly. Eating correctly not only means the right amount of calories but also the right amount of proteins (see more on Protein Weight Loss), fats and carbohydrates. The diet that you consume daily plays a vital role in the successful fat loss program.
For losing fat, you have to eat correctly. You should not starve yourself. You should not skip meals and go on a "crash diet". If you do so, your body metabolism slows. Metabolism is the natural process of burning calories(energy). It even occurs when you are at rest. When you eat little your metabolism falls. This is because your body is getting little nourishment, that means, low calories. So your body have to conserve more energy and use less of that energy. So naturally your metabolic rate decreases which is not the good thing for you. Because your metabolism determines the rate of burning calories. So slower the metabolism, slower the burning process of calorie, and slower is the process of weight loss. So don't ever think of skipping your meals, especially your breakfast. It can cost you a pounds of weight.

crash dietsEat frequently and regularly:
Like I said earlier, do not skip meals. So what's the solution?
The solution is simply "eat" and nothing else. Most often people eat 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it doesn't provide you the adequate amount of nutrients and energy that your body needs to increase your metabolism and burn fat. Ideally saying, you should strive upto 5-6 meals evenly spaced throughout the day.
Here's an example of my weight loss diet schedule
Time Meal
8 am Whey protein powder, vitamin C (1,000mg)
9 am Workout
10:30 am Meal [egg white omlette] with Glutamine, and vitamin C
1:30 pm Meal 3 [5oz chicken breast, 1 cup of brown rice, small salad]
4:30 pm Meal 4 [snack]
7:30 pm Meal 5 [6oz of tuna, 1 cup of vegetables]
10:30 pm Whey protein powder, vitamin C and Glutamine

Eat Fewer Calories:
Yweight loss dietour diet should have mild calorie deficit. That means your body should burn off more calories than you take in. When your body has used all the food calories for energy, then it should turn to your fat cells for energy. But without resistance training and regular exercise to stimulate muscle growth, and diet manipulation to prevent muscle loss, your body will turn to using muscle cells for energy instead of fat cells. So by eating mild calories along with consistent exercise and resistance training you can easily lose weight (see more on Weight Loss Exercise).
If you think this is enough then you are wrong. There are lots of other things to consider like for example, eating proteins, fiber-rich foods (see more on Fiber Weight Loss), fruits and vegetables (see more on Fruits and Vegetables), and so on.