Tyra Banks and her Weight

tyra banks weight loss"Gorgeous" that's what strikes my mind when I see Tyra Banks. I love her more than ever since she shed her weight. In just a period of "6 months" she lost 30 pounds. Over the past couple of years she was just leaning onto chubby side. But after her diligent effort and dedication, the Supermodel is well set and ready to go.tyra banks weight loss before after

Tyra Banks weight loss before and after

The 35-year-old fashion icon says, "The diet for which I lost 30 pounds has also help me in curing my longtime stomach ailment". Further she says the diet and workout plan has helped her regain her svelte figure.
tyra banks Tyra is beautiful, whether she is a size 12-14 or a size 8! She's a helluva pretty woman inside and out. No matter what she does, how she does, she is a wonderful role model for all young girls out there. Be the best you that you can be!!!
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Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Really inspiring for others!!

Smith Alan said...

Looking very Gorgeous after loosing the weight thanks a lot for this great informative post